Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April snow?

There was snow on my car this morning.

Not a lot, but that's not the point! It's the middle of April - we're supposed to be done with this!

I worked 7-6 today, it was long. Aside from the length of time, it was a really good day (know that I'm grading on a curve, because really good days with two year olds are different than normal good days).

We made bunny ear hats. I wish I could show you how cute they are on, the ears flop over and look adorable!

Buddy did a little counter surfing the other day, so we upped our game and flipped the mouse traps right side up. He's big enough that I'm not worried about him getting stuck in one. Plus I caught my own fingers in one the other day so I know how much it hurts.

He set one off today before lunch. When I picked it up and showed it to him he went and hid behind the curtain.

Maybe this means his counter surfing days are over?

Dinner was another tasty burger with sweet potato waffle fries. The fries are my new favorite (probably until tomorrow), though I'm glad I was watching them because they cooked about 15 minutes faster than they were supposed to. Burnt fries make me sad.

No running today, too much work and not enough sleep. I have different plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be running.

Do you feel off if you miss a run or don't run as much as you would like?


  1. Oh no for snow! Hopefully that will be enough of that stuff! I think poor buddy learned his lesson!

  2. love those ears! and waffle fries are the best. i can't imagine spending 11 hours with 2-year-olds. you are a saint :)

    1. I prefer two-year-olds to a lot of adults ;)

  3. We had snow this week too. YUCKY. But, this weekend has been stunning. The best Easter I can remember!

    1. This weekend has been beautiful here too! About time we had some sunshine!


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