Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fun with intervals!

I was looking forward to running all day today. So, after a typically long day at work, I headed to the basement for a little fun with intervals. I planned on doing 3 miles and wound up doing 4 because I have a problem.

Just a little sweaty at the end.

Buddy knows that when I slow down to a walk that we are almost ready to leave the basement. He always comes and stands next to the treadmill while I do my cool down.

And then shows me where he thinks we should go.

I love goldfish crackers. I pretty much always have some in the house (the pizza flavor is the best - but not the weird extreme flavor, those are gross), so when I saw this at the store this weekend I had to buy it.

Fish shaped pasta!

If it makes you feel any better, I ate some broccoli and cauliflower before my mac & cheese was ready.

What snacks do you keep in the house?


  1. You look beautiful and I'm glad you have buddy to show you where to go!

  2. So funny that Buddy knows when you're doing your cool-down!! Yay for going an extra mile too!

  3. I like how seriously your dog takes your training. With him around you'll never be able to cut the sessions too short. He will probably give you a little look to let you know that he knows exactly what you're up to.


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