Friday, April 4, 2014

I get blurry when I run

Today at work was really nice. I love Fridays. Only 8 kiddos and I finally had my actual assistant (they keep stealing her for other rooms) so we had a really good day!

We had a little book fair this week and got some new books for our room. I'm pretty excited to have some new stories to read since I have read all of our other books at least 20 times each. I have a few memorized.

I came home to Buddy, destructo dog:

None of that was food.

I have really been wanting to run this week, so after I took the undeserving dog for his walk, we headed to the basement to watch The Vampire Diaries run a few miles.

I get blurry when I run.

At Christmas time, one of my families at work gave me a gift card to Anthropologie (which was really sweet). It took me until last week to finally find something I wanted to buy, because most of their stuff isn't really my style. I got this top in black/orange, and it might be one of my favorite new running tops. 

I'm really liking the attached sports bra/tank top style (like this one that I got at Target), they're super comfortable.

For those keeping score, Buddy still hates the treadmill.

I think he's been practicing his pathetic face when I'm at work.

Since it's Friday (and I need to go to the grocery store), I ordered Chinese food. I ordered multiple meals, as usual, because leftovers are the best.

I told Tom that we could never live off-grid because I like the option of having someone deliver food to my front door.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Looks like a good day! Glad you have nice Fridays, that's a good way to end the work week. We're having a nice weather day. Time to work outside!


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