Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I told you I'm hilarious

I try not to complain about work too much in general, and I pretty much don't complain about it at all when I'm at work. That means that when I go to my bosses in the middle of the day about something, they take me seriously.

I'm not going to get into it too much, but let's just say there were 11 kids, I actually had two assistants, and I felt like I would have been better off by myself.

I got to take an hour for lunch, rather than the usual half hour, and let me tell you - it was amazing! I actually got to sit down for a little while, heat up some leftovers, and eat it at a reasonable speed (instead of standing in the kitchen, inhaling a yogurt). Quite exellent.

Buddy was a little confused by the fact I didn't run right out the door after I took him out.

These turned into ladybugs for our bulletin board. They were more work for me than I initially planned, but they turned out really cute.

On the way home from work I stopped by the grocery store, hoping they had seeds out.

I lucked out:

I got a couple of different bean seed packets for some sciency things with the kiddos.

Remember when I said I was going to try to save my new shoes for when I retire my purple PureFlows?

Yeah, I didn't believe me either.

It started with, "I'm just going to try them on," and then I laughed my way to the treadmill. I told you, I'm hilarious.

A little over two miles in new shoes with bad tv to let go of the day. Not a bad way to end my Tuesday.

Do you have the patience to save new shoes?


  1. Cute shoes! Funnily enough I always am a bit hesitant to wear my new shoes after I get them. I have a hard time with change..haha

    1. The only time I'm hesitant with new shoes is my first long run in them, especially if I haven't put too many miles on them yet.

  2. I never can resist trying out new shoes right away, either! Love the pic of your dog. He definitely does look confused. LOL Sorry about the bad day in your classroom. :(


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