Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm kind of weird

Happy Saturday!

Buddy and I slept in this morning, it was fabulous!

After a relaxing morning, we ventured out to the dog park.

There were a ton of people (and dogs) there, but Buddy was fairly anti-social most of the time (nothing at all like me...).

He chased a few balls and frisbees (he's not so good with the bringing them back part of playing fetch). I think he had a good time:

A guy at the park called Buddy a mama's boy. I never thought anyone would ever say that since Buddy is so obsessed with Tom.

I'm kind of weird. I really like running on my treadmill. The weather was decent and I totally could have gone outside today, but I decided to head down to the basement for a few miles instead. I'm still not sure what my next race is going to be. Nothing has jumped out at me yet. 

Now I'm off to the grocery store, so I can avoid all the crazy people who will be there tomorrow (see? not antisocial at all!).

How do you feel about treadmills?


  1. I would rather run on the treadmill than run roads alone because I can watch T.V.! I will always choose running w/ friends over the treadmill, though.

    1. Other than Buddy, I'm always running on my own. Maybe that's why I prefer the treadmill most of the time.


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