Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It had to be done.

Today was infinitely better than yesterday. We only had 8 kiddos (Wednesday is usually 10) and had a generally pleasant day.

My new afternoon assistant hasn't started yet, did I already tell you? We're still waiting for her to clear her background check before she can start working. That means I'm still working my usual long hours for now. My boss keeps telling me that I'm going to miss the overtime pay - I keep assuring her that I will not.

It's been raining pretty much all day. The road now looks like a bit of a river.


Buddy doesn't really like the rain. He gives me dirty looks when we go outside and it's raining, like it's somehow my fault.

I finally got caught up on some things at home tonight.

First, I poured myself a motivational drink.

Now that I put the picture up I realize that it looks like I just had a tall glass of whisky, but I promise it was mostly ginger ale! 

I started some laundry so I will have clothes for work tomorrow, and then it was time to tackle the dishes.

It had to be done, I was pretty much out of plates.

Then I made dinner and had to wash even more dishes. It never ends.

I changed the pace on my training plan yesterday. The pace they had my easy and tempo runs at was way slower than I usually do either of them (yes, I know easy runs are supposed to be easy, but my tempo runs weren't even going to be a challenge!). I have a 5 mile tempo run tomorrow, so we'll see how my changes feel after that.

Now I'm finishing up a last minute addition to my class newsletter for May, and then I'm off to bed. Early. For real....hopefully. 


  1. you are totally right, my first thought was WHOA, she is serious about her whiskey :)

    glad that today was better! i can't believe that your assistant hasn't started, that's got to be frustrating!

  2. I did think that was a big glass of whiskey! LOL Glad you clarified that. Sorry your assistant hasn't started yet. :( And bummer about the rain!

  3. It rained all day yesterday here. It's beautiful out today though! I hope things clear up soon! Have a great day!


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