Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mostly Buddy

Today went really well! All the out of town parents are back, and kids are noticeably calmer. They even all napped - at the same time!

It didn't hurt that the guy who does music once a week brought in coffee (apparently he always brings in coffee for the front office people when he brings in his bill "to soften the blow" and one extra). My bosses nominated me for the plus one, so I was the happy recipient of a venti iced latte!

Plus there was sunshine. Buddy was pretty happy about it at lunch time.

He was tired when we got home from our walk after work. He wanted to be nearby, so he kept following me around the house, but kept laying down.

And then he wanted me to know that he was wasting away, because I ran a few minutes past his dinner time. Poor Buddy! (You can see the edge of the treadmill at the bottom of the picture)

Three miles at under 10:00/mile, I'll take it!

I have to go in early tomorrow, but it's Friday, so I can handle it. Hopefully we can have another good day tomorrow!

Do you Starbucks? What's your usual?

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