Sunday, April 20, 2014

My weekend on the couch.

My run yesterday was the highlight of my weekend. I had plans to catch up on dishes and get my lesson plans done this weekend, but the world had other plans.

Not long after I got home from my run, I started to feel off. Then I had the chills, no appetite, and a fever. Awesome.

So my productive weekend was hijacked, and I spent most of it on the couch. My lesson plans are still not done. I did manage to remember to do my laundry this afternoon so I will have something to wear to work tomorrow.

Buddy is very confused by my lack of activity, though he does like napping on the couch.

I'm feeling a lot better this evening, though I'm definitely not better. Here's hoping that I'm functional tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're feeling better today!

  2. Oh no, I am so sorry you're sick! Those darned germy kids, right?

    1. They're just a bunch of walking health code violations ;)


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