Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our giant lap dog

Tom and I had a really good weekend, though it was over way too quickly! Luckily this time apart will be shorter than the last time. And it won't be too much longer before he is back for real!

Buddy took advantage of the not-fully-latched storm door and went on a nice run Saturday afternoon. He was pretty pleased with himself.

He loved having Tom home for the weekend and spent as much time in his lap as possible. Our giant lap dog.

And it's official, I signed up for my next race - the Newburgh Half Marathon!

It's in 6 weeks. Oops! I decided it would be ok since I have been keeping my mileage up since the Sleepy Hollow Half.

I would have had more time for training if I signed up for the race the first time I looked at it, but I kept coming up with reasons not to. None of them were good reasons though, so I sucked it up and registered.

I signed up for Runner's World Smart Coach too, mostly because I'm too lazy to find my own training plan. Most of the runs are at a slower pace than I have been running lately, and it claims I should be able to take about two minutes off of my last race time. It makes me wonder if I'm just bad about pacing myself during races and could be finishing with much faster times. I guess we'll see!

I finally managed to finish up my lesson plans (since they are actually due tomorrow) and my newsletter. I had most of it done, so it only took a little while once I sat down and actually worked on it. Funny how that works!

How do you find your training plans?

What's the shortest training time frame you've had for a race?


  1. until this cycle, i'd never actually followed any kind of training plan for a half marathon. i used to just run a few short runs during the week and then a long run on the weekend. when i started wanting to improve my marathon time, i researched and bought a book with several different plans in it. i'm excited to see how it goes now that i'm actually following a plan for this upcoming half.

    this 8-week cycle is the shortest i've ever given myself to prep for a race. i usually sign up as soon as registration opens because that's when it's the cheapest :)

    1. I'm too good at putting things off to not have a plan. I usually sign up super early too (because it's cheaper) - this is definitely the shortest time period I've dealt with. I wouldn't want it to be any shorter!


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