Monday, April 14, 2014

Remind me

I was lame and didn't take any pictures today.

We had a pretty good day at work, only 7 kiddos, but we somehow ended up with 4 incident reports. 3 were because of klutzy kids, one was because of a bite. They're two, what can you do?

They were a bit of a mess. I think they were all overtired from the sunny weekend - we had some nice, long naps today.

I used my peaceful nap time to do some lesson planning. I probably have about half of May planned out, and it's only the 14th!

No run today since I did 10 miles yesterday, which is ok, because I'm pretty low energy again today.

There's a local running group (the one that puts on the two races I ran in Sleepy Hollow) that meets up for group runs several times a week. I couldn't make it to any weekday runs because of work, but I have been thinking I might try to make it to one of the weekend ones. The bummer? They meet at 8am on Saturday and Sunday. That's SO early for the weekend!

I haven't run with other people in a really long time (possibly high school?), I hear it can be fun. I think it might also be a good way for me to finally get to know some more people around here. Remind me of these facts on Friday night when I don't want to set my alarm!

Do you run with a group or are you a solo runner? Which do you prefer?


  1. i used to be a teacher so i know how hard it is to get ahead on lesson plans. good work girl!!!

    i am usually a solo runner, but that's mainly because i don't run at predicable times. i always prefer to run with friends, but it doesn't usually work out. i just join a facebook group and i really want to make it to a group run sometime, but so far my life keeps getting in the way.

  2. I used to run only alone and felt nervous about running w/ others. REALLY nervous. Then, I met someone at a group track workout. THEN, I organized C25k last summer and got over it. It's all about finding people at your pace. Maybe it's my personality, but I find it's pretty easy to chit chat during a run, or not--both are fine.


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