Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shiny shoes

We made ridiculous spiders (that don't really look like spiders) the other day.

Today we gave a few chicks some feathers and a googly eye. It really bothered the kids that we only used one eye. We don't understand the concept of profile yet.

I "got" to spend two hours working on my portfolio (giant binder of doom) today.

And then I was surprised to be able to go home a little after 4. 

There are spring things happening to the trees by the house!

My shoes that I wear every day conveniently unfortunately have a hole in them, so I was forced to get some new ones. I have been seeing these shoes all over the internet, and on tv, and after reading a bunch of reviews, I wanted to try them out.

Zappos is so awesome that I ordered them last night and they were on my porch when I got home from work today!

They're a little shiny, which takes some getting used to, but it's the super comfy material they are made of, so I can get over it. As much as I don't care about all the hype surrounding them right now, it's actually true. These are amazingly light and really comfortable. We'll have to see how they do after a day at work.

Oh, and the best part - they're machine washable!

I spent my early day doing a quick run (which told me pretty quickly that I'm not fully over whatever took me out this weekend), and then lesson planning like crazy. They're almost done! If I killed myself and stayed up way too late I could finish them tonight, but as long as I get them done by the end of the week I will be happy.

Buddy thought that it was dinner time since I was home, even though it was still over an hour away. He tried his pathetic face during my cool down, but was forced to actually wait until his usual dinner time.


  1. yes, ads for those shoes are on hulu all the time. good to know that they are so comfy!

    1. I wore them to work today and I still like them after spending 10 hours on my feet! Definitely a comfy shoe :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I like your shoes, they look comfy. And I love the blossoms!


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