Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We're not speaking right now

Not you and I, we're good. Buddy and I, however...

More on that in a minute.

New month, new sensory bin!

We're talking bugs this month, so the sensory bin is now a bug bin! Some Easter grass, some plastic bugs, and magnifying glasses! The kids anxiously awaited the time that I finally let them play in it, and spent a lot of the day peering through the lid to see what was inside. I love their curiosity!

I finally got my new bulletin board up!

The ladybugs turned out pretty cute! The letters are all different sizes, which bothers me, but the set of letter forms we have to trace from are all mixed up and incomplete. I'm just happy I found all the letters I needed.

Buddy apparently somehow couldn't wait another 30 seconds after I got home to get outside. He was playing with his favorite toy and then abruptly stopped, and peed on one of my boots that was in the living room. We're not speaking right now.

This was much needed.

I have also been pretending it is perfectly normal for my to do all my dishes every day. It's working pretty well. I think I have myself fooled.

Dishes - do you let them pile up? Are you good about doing them? Or are you one of those fancy people who actually use their dishwasher? 


  1. I love that bulletin board! So cute. It's one of those "little kid" projects that still looks super cute hanging up (unlike some where you can't even figure out what it's supposed to be LOL).

    I guess I am a fancy person as I use my dishwasher daily! :) I hate dirty dishes in the sink so I try to keep the dishwasher emptied as soon as soon as it's done so all the dirty dishes live there & not the sink.

    1. Thank you! We do plenty of "process over product" art, but I try to have some cuter projects for bulletin boards :)

      We usually use our dishwasher as a drying rack! With just two of us (and right now, just me), we would run out of certain dishes before we filled the dishwasher most of the time.

  2. first...i'm so glad that i found your site, because i have a 14-month-old and i always need sensory ideas. have a fitbit! i got mine in january and i'm obsessed. it seriously has taken over my life :)

    1. Sensory is so much fun - especially some of the messier ones!

      I just got my fitbit about a month ago, I love the sleep tracker and it is so much fun to see all my stats for the day. I think being a runner makes you love random stats like that :)


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