Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing Mom! We're overdue for our next adventure!

I had a really good breakfast this morning, and I got to try out the granola I got in my RunnerBox. I made a little yogurt parfait.

Coconut is the best of the Greek yogurts.

It was about 50% raspberries because that's how I roll. The granola was really good, though since it was flavored it was pretty sweet. I didn't expect to like the lime flavor, but I would totally eat it again.

It was beautiful out today, less humid than yesterday. Buddy and I went for a walk until he slowed down, neither of us is a big fan of getting overheated.

I think he had a good walk.

Long run day, 8 miles at 11:13 pace. Felt fine, though I was definitely ready to be done at the end.

Buddy decided to block the treadmill belt after I was done, just in case I was going to start running again.

Now it's time to get my laundry folded and get to bed. How did the weekend go by so quickly?


  1. whenever i buy raspberries (including the costco sized package...) i always eat them all before i have time to add them to anything. they are just so amazing!

    love you and your mom. so cute!

    1. I'm totally addicted to raspberries - They are usually gone long before I can do anything with them, this was an exception. Tom doesn't understand the deliciousness, the seeds bug him - more for me! :)

  2. Wow, I'm on your blog, how cool is that! We have had a lot of adventures, with more to come:)


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