Friday, May 2, 2014

I failed you

I completely and totally failed you today. I got my new bulletin board up - it's adorable and people already hate me for it (which means it's awesome) and I completely forgot to take a picture of it! I'll try to remember on Monday!

I did take a couple of pictures during nap time inside the classroom though.

These are our bean plants that we started last month. They're doing really well and I don't want them to die, but I don't really have anywhere to transplant them, so I'm still trying to decide what to do with them.

We also "planted" some in ziplocks that we taped to the window. It's really neat because the kids got to watch the seeds sprout and they can see the roots. What's really crazy is we started these the week before the ones in the cups, and they're somehow still doing pretty well. All four of these are actually growing out the top of the ziplock right now. This picture is a couple weeks old.

The lighting of this is messed up because it was nap time, but we made these the other day. They turned out pretty cute.

I was supposed to have a 2 mile easy run today, but I didn't end up getting out of work until a little after 6. Then I had to go put gas in my car (because that pesky light was on again) and stop by the store (because I needed veggies, and snacks...), so by the time I got home and walked Buddy, it was after 7, and I was really tired.

I don't feel bad about missing those miles because I plan on meeting up with the running group tomorrow morning, which will probably be 6-7 miles. On a rest/cross training day. What? Trail running is cross training, right? ;)

I'm actually terrible about cross training, I haven't found something I like to do yet. I know it's important for injury prevention, but I'm still really bad about it.

What's your favorite cross-training activity?


  1. Good luck with the plant! My favorite cross train activity is biking!

    1. I've actually been thinking about getting a bike. It would be something that Tom and I could do together since his knees don't let him run.


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