Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's kind of hypnotizing

It was a bit of a crazy morning at work. Any break in the routine tends to make the munchkins a little nuts, so the long weekend threw them off. There were multiple table jumpers, two that kept crawling under the table and hitting their heads, and one biter. But this new schedule makes days like today way more tolerable. I got to leave at 3, it felt amazing.

Getting home before 6 is SO nice! I dragged Buddy to the basement so I could run my 3 miles for the day.

He was really excited.

As much as I was dragging on yesterday's run - that's how good I felt today.

I started off crazy slow because I wasn't sure how I was going to feel and just kept going a little bit faster and a little bit faster until the end of my 3 miles for the day. It was pretty great.

Google+ combined several Buddy pictures into this:

It's kind of hypnotizing.


  1. You turned Buddy into a bobble head! Too funny. Glad you're feeling better now. You look happy!

  2. so cute buddy!

    yay for leaving early! i seriously don't know how you deal with those little tykes all day. you are a super-human!

    1. They are definitely a little draining some days! They can also be a lot of fun :)


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