Sunday, May 4, 2014

My day in pictures of Buddy

I took Buddy to the dog park this morning. He loves going for rides in the car, and got very excited when we turned in to the park.

There were dogs there that made him look downright tiny. 

After playing for a while, he started to slow down. I picked up his leash and asked him if he wanted to go home - he ran straight for the gate. I guess he was tired!

I had an 8 mile long run today. You know those amazing runs where you want to keep running forever? This wasn't one of them. I was pretty much dragging for the first five miles. It was lame. The last three went alright, and I got all 8 done in the end. I wasn't sure I would when I first started.

Buddy was zonked out for the duration. That's the couch his face is wedged under.

And, of course, he was right there to help me stretch when I was done.

He's a little ridiculous.

Now it's time to hit the grocery store and get some relaxing in before it's time to go back to work in the morning.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


  1. I like his upside-down picture

  2. i love great danes, is that what the black dog in the first picture is? so fabulous :)

    good work wearing him out!

    1. Yeah, it was an extra tall great dane. I've never seen a dog that tall before!


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