Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sick, again?

I'm not meant to rest.

Whenever I slow down and actually rest, I get sick.

Yet another weekend day spent on the couch. Fortunately I seem to be able to keep food down now, so hopefully that means I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Aside from the sickness, we had a nice movie day.

I also got caught up watching Bones. Does anyone else watch it? It was a super stressful episode - made worse by the fact that I didn't realize it was the season finale until it was over. Television writers are cruel. Now I will impatiently wait for next season to resolve all this drama!

Also: Tom is pretty awesome and brought me "happy Friday" flowers yesterday. :)

What shows do you watch? Ever watch a season finale without realizing it?


  1. i watch bones! i didn't used to, but then one summer i was tired of all the reruns on tv and found it on netflicks and started from the beginning. she sometimes annoys me, but i'm so invested in all the characters i have to find out what happens next :)

    1. I have watched it since the first season. She is totally annoying a lot of the time, but I really like the show! Have you watched the season finale yet? It was CRAZY!

    2. Sorry you were sick. :( That's part of working with kids I guess. I had a tummy thing going on Friday & Campbell did Sat. & Sun. Germy kids!!

      I don't religiously watch Bones but I've seen it a few times because my hubby watches it.


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