Thursday, May 15, 2014

Take that baby down

The munchkin who hated me yesterday is back to liking me today. And being a little possessive. One of the infant teachers came in to say hi and handed me the baby she brought with her. My kiddo was not happy about it. He told me "you no hold that," and to "take that baby down." Too funny.

I did today's run yesterday since I knew Tom was going to be home today. So today is a rest day for me. Good thing too, because my kiddos and a chair worked together to trip me up at lunch today. I hit my knee pretty hard, but I think it is just going to bruise. I think it will be ready to run by my group run on Saturday.

Buddy has the whole house available to him, but he chooses to lay on top of his ropes. 

That doesn't look comfortable.

This is aggressive as he gets.

Watch out for that tongue!

I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday. The weekend is way better when Tom is home - relaxing alone is great and all, but relaxing when we're both home is even better.


  1. Oh Buddy, so ferocious! LOL Love that pic!

  2. That is a great photo, ha!

  3. LOL, "take that baby down!" i love it.

    i also love it when toddlers say, "mommy hold you" so sweet!

  4. His head looks huge! Wow, I was so busy, that I forgot it was weds when Tom got home:) Enjoy your time together. Love you both


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