Friday, June 20, 2014

Feed the birds

Tom let me sleep off some jet lag this morning - I got over 11 hours of sleep! 

We decided to go to the Tower of London today so we walked over. It is about a half hour walk from the apartment. 

We grabbed some lunch and ended up right next to a little parade (we have no idea what was actually happening). 

Next we explored the tower. 

And got a nice view of the Tower Bridge. 

And we walked by St Paul's Cathedral, but Tom didn't get my "feed the birds" reference. He clearly didn't watch Mary Poppins as much as I did as a child. 

After playing tourist, we met up with some of Tom's work people for a few beers. 

Dinner was a Chinese buffet since we were right by Chinatown. It was pretty delicious. (Don't worry, I had some more traditional fish and chips for dinner last night) :)

And here's a few shots of the apartment. 


  1. Fun, fun, fun. Tim doesn't even know who Mary Poppins is. Guess we all grew up differently:) Great pictures , glad you got some sleep and now are having fun. Stay awake now and see everything!

  2. oooo, the tower of london. i love visiting places i've read about in history classes :)

    now, i'm going to be singing that song for the rest of the night :)


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