Thursday, June 19, 2014

I made it!

The train I was just on kept saying "service to cockfosters." I am super tired so that may have made it extra funny. I'm not mature enough for London. 

So, the flight. 

I was super cool and put on a pair of pro compression socks in the middle of the airport. 

We were supposed to board at 9:45 and leave at ten, but we didn't end up boarding until around 10:30. Then we sat on the plane for over an hour because they took our flight crew for another (somehow more important) flight. We had to wait for a standby pilot to arrive at the airport. 

Anyway, we ended up leaving around midnight. I slept some, but I felt like I woke up every few minutes to try to get comfortable.

I made it through customs/immigration with no trouble and then walked forever to get to the train. 

Fortunately, the place Tom is staying only required me to take one train with no transfers so I managed just fine in my sleep deprived and mildly dehydrated state. 

Now I'm off to shower and possibly nap. Tom is at work for a bit still today, so I have some time to kill, relaxing and people watching from the window. 


  1. Woohoo! I would have giggled at the train announcement too. :D HAVE FUN!

  2. I love the view! Glad you made it and didn't take the wrong train/bus like your mother:) Although that is fun , too!

  3. oh mean, overnight flights are exhausting. hope you get some good rest!


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