Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insanely tired and a run

Look how cute this face is.

I had a pretty typical day at work, the usual toddler craziness.

The few days out of town made it so I have to get used to the humidity again. I walked out the door this morning and felt like I was breathing in a steam room. I hate steam rooms.

After work I sat down on the couch - big mistake! I got insanely tired. It took a serious amount of effort to make myself change for a run, but I wanted to at least put a couple of miles in.

I figured I would just do a bit and see how I felt. Once I got started it felt really good and I ended up doing 3 miles.

I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday, I have really exciting plans to sleep a lot this weekend.


  1. good work. if i sit down (actually i'm usually more guilty of full-on laying down) it's all over.

    1. I'm just going to sit for a few minutes... :)


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