Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lesson planning, cleaning, and berries!

I woke up super grumpy this morning. I'm not really sure why, maybe a little post-vacation blues? It's hard to come back to reality after taking a break.

Lesson plans are also hanging over my head, which doesn't help.

What does help is that I signed up for my next race! It isn't until October, but I like having a race to look forward to.

I had a lot of things I wanted to get done today and was having a serious motivation problem. I ended up setting timers for myself to work on lesson plans and cleaning around the house. It looked like this: 20 minutes lesson planning, 5 minute break, 20 minutes cleaning, 5 minute break, etc.

It was sort of like when I set out for a run and I'm not really in the mood to be running. I think, "Ok, it's 20 minutes, I can do just about anything for 20 minutes." And then I get a surprising amount accomplished.

I managed to get the vast majority of my lesson plans finished and the living room looks almost tidy!

Then I did a little workout/strength training in the form of the full 7 minute workout, which is the normal 7 minute workout, three times through.

I was a little tired at the end and collapsed rested on the floor for a little while.

And then Buddy came downstairs to help me stretch.

Since I was being strangely productive, I even decided to brave go to Sam's Club to get some paper products and an obscene amount of berries. They were so cheap! Now I have to eat berries all day long for several days to finish them before they go bad. I think I'm up to the challenge. :)


  1. i always end up with ALL. THE. BERRIES. whenever i go to costco. and then i live off them for days. not because i have to, but because if there are berries, i never want to eat anything else.

    1. Right? Who could turn down those giant containers of berries? :)


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