Monday, June 9, 2014

Not ready to run yet

The kiddos were nuts today. A jumping on the table, climbing on shelves, level of nuts. We somehow made it through without any major incidents. This is partially due to the fact that we borrowed the Frozen soundtrack from another teacher and every time they got a little too nuts I threatened to turn it off. They're obsessed with that movie!

Buddy and I went for a nice walk after work and then I decided to try a couple of miles on the treadmill. While I'm not really sore, I'm definitely not ready to run yet. I did a mile and a half, very slowly, and I was feeling it. I stopped and did the 7 minute workout instead. I figured it was better than nothing.

Plus I got to rock my new compression socks. (PRO Compression is having a sale until June 15th, 50% off your order if you buy two or more items - enter the code JUNE at checkout - how can you turn that down?)

I stopped at a shoe store on the way home to look for some new every day shoes. They didn't have anything I liked, but they had my favorite PureFlow 2s for $39.99, so I couldn't say no! This pair is actually going into the closet until I'm ready to retire my beloved purple ones (incidentally, the new ones are purple too). Not like the pink ones...which I wear all the time, and still put them back in their box when I'm done.

Oh, and apparently it's going to be a full moon this Friday. A full moon on Friday the 13th! I'm not superstitious, but I won't be surprised if anything weird happens on Friday! :)

Are you superstitious?


  1. i'm not at all ready to run either. i actually can't believe how sore i am today. ugh.

    thanks for the code for procompression! what a great deal!

  2. Those socks are super cute!! I think it's perfectly okay to not run yet...give your body some time to heal! :)

    1. Pesky healing needs to speed up, I want to run! :)


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