Sunday, June 8, 2014

Random Sunday happenings

Buddy and I had a nice Sunday.

I'm not as sore as I expected to be after yesterday's race. That's not to say I'm ready to head out for a run today, but I will probably be up for a little something tomorrow.

We got up to the dog park early to beat the heat. Buddy had fun running around for a while and then abruptly stopped playing and stood by the gate. I guess he was done!

After we got back, I made myself some Greek yogurt pancakes with strawberries and coconut. They turned out really good!

My tomato plant has grown so much already! I guess it likes all the warm weather we've been having.

I watched some Daily Shows that we had on the dvr, and the first two episodes of Crossbones. Has anyone else seen this yet? I can't decide if I like it yet or not. 

I even finally did all the dishes that I've been avoiding. 

For my early (round one) dinner, I fired up the grill for pretty much the first time ever and made myself a burger with green chilies, pepperjack cheese, onions and guacamole. It turned out a little more well done  than I meant for it to be, but it was delicious.

Round two is going to be a big salad when I'm hungry again in an hour. I am pretty much hungry all day long the day after a race.

Back to the munchkins in the morning, the weekend is always too short!

I'll leave you with a couple of shots of Buddy.

Look at this face:



  1. i'm always super hungry after races too!!! glad it's not just me :)

  2. That burger looks sooooo tasty! Nothing like a race to bring out your appetite!

    1. That's one of the best things about running, eating afterwards! :)


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