Friday, June 27, 2014


I made it!

I hit a wall today. I was so tired I wasn't sure if I was going to make it until 6.

We had a long discussion in class today about not putting food in your ear. We also listened to a lot of Yellow Submarine (by request) and practiced using our words rather than screaming in people's faces. I also had to remind them that you can't shout "share!" at someone and then snatch things out of their hands.

Toddlers are crazy.

I think Buddy is still a little unsure if I will come back when I leave him, he's extra happy every time I come home.

We had a low-key evening of tv watching. I'm still deciding if I am going to try to make it to my running group in the morning. I honestly don't know if I could keep up, and it probably wouldn't hurt me to get some sleep.

It was really nice out at lunch today, way less humid than yesterday, and beautiful.

It's supposed to be pretty nice this weekend so Buddy and I are planning on getting out and enjoying it. I also have to do my July lesson plans (like, yesterday), so that will take some time too.


  1. LOL about the food in the ear! Your days are never dull, huh?

    1. Right? I have some ridiculous conversations with those munchkins.

  2. your work cracks me up! and also makes me terrified for when my little guy turns two. i'm totally not ready for it.

    1. Kids are totally insane, in a cute way :) Have you seen the "you can't punch someone because you want pancakes" video? It's hilarious, and totally the way kid's minds work!


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