Monday, June 2, 2014

Sort of not cheap

Guess who just bought a ticket to London?!?

I got the official ok from work today, so after my run I hit the computer. Buying a ticket to Europe less than three weeks out is sort of not cheap. And then there was this whole thing where I got a ticket where I left from one airport and came home to another one...but I fixed it!

June is starting to look pretty good - I have my race this weekend, then a trip to London!

I did the 7 minute workout as a warm-up again today. Then it was 3 easy miles. I think my foot is going to be ok for Saturday. I have been using pedicure toe spacers to help stretch my feet, and it seems to be helping, even if it does look silly. One foot is definitely tighter than the other.

I made myself some pancakes (early carb loading?) to celebrate buying my plane ticket (ok I just wanted pancakes) and ate them standing in the kitchen like an animal. They're better immediately after coming out of the pan!

Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner?


  1. yayayayay! so exciting that you get to go to london. i can't imagine how expensive the tickets are, but so great that you get to go!

  2. It's so exciting!! You look so happy:)


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