Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stretching and cleaning

You guys, I can get so much done when I don't work 11 hours a day. Crazy, right?

Today was another easy 3 miles. I did the 7 minute workout for my warm up again.

And when I was done, I actually stretched. That pretty much never happens. All the credit goes to a stretching app that I just put on my phone. Yes, I do need a voice to tell me what stretches to do and how long to hold them. Without that little voice, I generally hold stretches for about 3 seconds and I'm good to go.

Maybe I'll actually start stretching more regularly.


And then, thanks to The Hungry Runner Girl, I even foam rolled for a bit. Madness.

I made myself a little weekly cleaning schedule, just a couple of little things every day, so that the house doesn't get overrun by dust bunnies made out of Buddy's hair. I'm only two days in, but so far so good. I thought of some more things I need to add to the list, so it will be getting adjusted, but things are cleaner already!

Buddy thinks that anything touching the floor is his.

Also, he is in love with this toy.

Unfortunately he chews on it so hard that he makes himself bleed, so I have to take it away from him a lot.


  1. stretching app? i'm very intrigued. i totally need someone to tell me how long to hold stretches. i always cheat and stop way too early.

    1. It's pretty good so far - but not free, it's one of the only apps I've actually bought. It's called "Performance Stretching" by lolo.

  2. I probably need that app that tells me to stretch! Buddy is so cute!

    1. It's nice! I like not having to think about what stretches I want to do and how long I want to hold them for. Pretty handy so far!

  3. I am going to look up that app! It sounds awesome. I need someone telling me when to stretch and for how long, too. I know you're supposed to hold stretches for 15-30 sec. but I probably do 10. LOL

    Glad you aren't working quite so much!

    1. It's really nice to have someone else count for you, I totally cheat when I stretch otherwise! :)

      It is amazing to be working less, I feel like I have so much extra time now!

  4. Hi! I'm sorry if this comment is off topic, but I didn't know where else to post, and you seem like a nice lady.
    I happened upon your blog (from another Blog), and started reading and looking at your pics. By the way, where you live looks fabulous! As a mother of four grown children (and a nurse), I'm concerned about your selfies showing your fair skin. I'm almost 52, and don't have any of the wrinkles or sun spots or freckles that you have already. If you are RUNNING for sport outside: PLEASE USE a cover-up and/or high SPF SUNBLOCK !!
    You want to be around for a long time for everyone who's depending on you, don't you?
    Also, it might be wise to see a Dermatologist once a year for a yearly check-up. Wishing you the best! :)


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