Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The less fun part of travel

I just live in airports now. 

My flight out of London left late because people don't know how to be at the gate on time.  Between that, and the fact that you apparently go through American customs at the Toronto airport, there was no way for me to make my connection. My flight was gone for a half hour before I even got through customs and security (again? I didn't leave a security area).

They threw away my water that I bought after security in London. And they told me about it with attitude, like I was somehow supposed to anticipate the super duper double security. 

Even without my flight being late, it would have been really borderline for me to make my flight. I feel like they need to have a longer minimum amount of time between flights here. They are really, really, slow. 

So now it looks like I will be getting home sometime after 7, and Buddy will have to hang out at the vet until I'm off work tomorrow.

It's been a long day, and it's technically only 2:15 here. 


  1. You got some great photos on your trip ( I looked through your previous posts)! I hope you have a safe flight home with no more delays or complications. I know Buddy will be glad to see you!

    1. Thanks! I finally made it home, but it was a long day! Buddy was pretty excited to come home this afternoon!

  2. ugh, i'm so sorry! that is just miserable.


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