Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Firework Dreams

Someone was setting off fireworks last night, sometime after I went to bed. Buddy did not like it, and woke me up barking.

Only, I'm about 99% sure that I dreamed it.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like I must have dreamed it, because Buddy was barking. Barring someone at the front door, Buddy pretty much never barks.

I was very excited yesterday to learn that there are fireflies here! The entire grassy area behind the house was twinkling with them when I took Buddy out last night. Buddy was less impressed and tried to eat a couple.

My run today was an easy three miles at 9:45 pace. Every day of this humidity I am so glad that I bought my treadmill. Unless I want to start waking up before 5am (I don't), the only time I have to run is after work, and it is way too hot out in the afternoons for me to run.

The rest of this week should be pretty mellow. We have a couple of kiddos leaving early for the long weekend, and several who are planning on staying home on Thursday. Maybe that will give me time to put up my new bulletin board and set up my sensory bin for July.

I'm off to do some firefly watching and reading before bed.


  1. I want to go firefly watching! That sounds so cool!

  2. i agree! treadmills are lifesavers in the humidity. no one needs to suffer through these terrible summers...


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