Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little Thursday Randomness

It's been a little crazy here.

Buddy got string from his rope toy stuck in his teeth/gums and it got infected. He had to take a trip to the vet yesterday to get it taken care of. He was a little dopey the rest of the afternoon.

Since he's not allowed to have rope toys anymore, Tom bought him a couple of new toys at the pet store.

Buddy approves.

This was all over the internet, so when I saw it at the store, I had to try it. It was actually really good. Very refreshing, and not a weird fake watermelon flavor.

I dyed cotton balls with food coloring the other day so we could make "cotton candy" during art yesterday. They ended up being pretty cute, and none of the kids tried to eat it.

I ran 3 easy miles again yesterday in my fancy new shoes. I had a little bit of heel slippage on one foot (it must be my smaller foot), but a little creative lacing seems to have fixed it.

Today was supposed to be some speedwork with mile repeats, but I did something to my lower back picking up one of the bigger kids today at work. So, instead, I'm laying on the couch with Tiger Balm on my back and trying not to move around too much.

There have also been a lot of things happening at work this week. Some craziness because of the kiddos and some serious non-napping, and some craziness on the management side of things. It is pretty well sorted out now (other than the non-napping), so it should be a nice day tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm, is there a workman's comp claim in the making? Darn those big hope your back ache isn't too serious!

    Poor buddy!

    1. Nah, just a little strain. It's already pretty much back to normal. :)

      Buddy is doing just fine now, he's enjoying the extra treats he gets when he has to take his antibiotics.

  2. Bummer about your back and about Buddy. :( I hope you are both feeling better today. Not so sure about that watermelon yogurt...I do love watermelon but only the fruit, not candy or gum or anything. It's fun to try new flavors though!

    1. We are both doing much better today, thanks! :) The yogurt was really good! Not the fake watermelon flavor that they use for candy and gum. It had watermelon juice in it.


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