Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A silly dog and a race goal

My Monday was pretty uneventful. I worked late, didn't run, and convinced Tom to make giant burgers with onions, mushrooms and swiss cheese for dinner.

Today started early (5:30, because I take forever to wake up) because I needed to be at work at 7. And then there were no kiddos until 7:30. Oh well. I did somehow get off work on time today, rather than getting stuck for another 10 hour shift.

My training plan called for 4 easy miles today. I watched the final episode of True Blood (I don't think I've ever been really happy with how a show ended) and ended up running 5 miles instead. I'm going to end up short on miles this week since we are going out of town for the weekend. I'm certainly not going to get my 13 mile long run in while we're at the lake house, and I'm ok with that.

I cut my finger at work and got this sweet hologram band-aid. It was that or Spider Man.

This is Buddy's go-to spot out on the deck.

Silly dog.

I have been able to do most of my runs lately at a faster pace than my training plan calls for, and it claims I should be able to run my half in 2:00:39. I'm hoping that means I will be able to break 2 hours (which I haven't done yet). I haven't seen the course, but I know there are plenty of hills. I guess we'll see in 47 days.


  1. My daughter would go crazy for that bandaid. I bet if you keep working hard you will crush that 2 hr mark. That's one of my goals too.

    1. I think half the challenge is not thinking too much about it, I totally psych myself out.


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