Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't mind if we do

Art today was "popcorn" - they turned out pretty cute, so I naturally didn't take a picture of any of them when they were finished.

Today was one of my kiddo's last day before they change classrooms in September. They brought presents.

I like presents.

A while ago, I bought a Groupon for Keenan House. We went for dinner tonight and got beer flights, mussels and sliders for half price. Don't mind if we do.

Also, I bought these at the store today.

I am a sucker for limited edition flavors of pretty much anything. And these are actually really good too.

Somewhere between work and dinner I hit the treadmill for 4 easy miles and an episode of The Walking Dead. I'm finally caught up and now I have to wait until October to see what happens. I hate watching shows that are still on the air - I'm not a fan of waiting for new episodes!


  1. I like fall everything. The decor, the weather, and of course the FLAVORS. I hope McD's will have their pumpkin lattes soon!

    1. I do think there are too many pumpkin flavored things in the fall, but it is pretty much my favorite season :)


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