Monday, August 11, 2014

House hunting and sushi

Oh hey, it's Monday again. 

We had a really nice Sunday, starting with coffee, pancakes, and generally relaxing. 

Buddy and I went for a walk in the sunshine. He was pretty much exhausted for the rest of the day.

Then, Tom and I headed out to check out some houses.

The first place we went was cute, but way too small. It had a really pretty yard though, and a little shed/chicken coop.

The second place we saw was really cute.

Really cute.

It also had a creek/brook in the front yard, and you have to drive over a little bridge to go up the driveway.

Then we were off to the last place, which felt really cramped. I didn't even take any pictures there.

We have a few more that we want to check out, it doesn't feel like we've found the right one yet. 

Today was fairly uneventful, just a very long day at work because my assistant called out. Then, Tom and I had sushi for dinner. I don't think I've had sushi since we left Kodiak. It's been a while.

Do you like sushi? What's your favorite roll? 


  1. Not a sushi person! But I love house hunting. You should take pics of all the house ( whether you liked them or not) and post them on here. I love looking!

    1. I only recently started liking any of the raw sushi, I started with veggie rolls and cooked ones. I still usually prefer cooked rolls most of the time.

      House hunting is a lot of fun, I'll try to take more pictures next time we go out :)

  2. Those houses are both such pretty pieces of property! I can't wait to hear what you decide on.

    1. We are definitely looking for something with some property, everything we've seen has been in really pretty areas. It's a lot of fun :)


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