Sunday, August 17, 2014

In the zone and sick again


I almost didn't run this morning.

I woke up with my favorite pinched nerve in my neck a few days ago and it has really been lingering (just ask Tom, he has to listen to me whine). I said I wouldn't run today if it was still hurting, but I really wanted to run.

The first few miles were mostly unpleasant. The pain in my neck/shoulders made it feel like I couldn't quite catch my breath. At about mile 4, I suddenly felt better. I could still feel some pain, but I was breathing more easily.

Our run has a really mean hill towards the end, and for some reason today when I hit the top, I felt great. I didn't really realize it was happening until one of my group made a comment that I always say I'm slow, but that I was pulling away from the group.

I was in the zone, I didn't feel like I was working really hard, my breathing was even and my feet were barely hitting the ground. I just went with it and finished the last half mile ahead of the group.

It was a nice high until I got home and was telling Tom about it, and somehow managed to hit my head on the freezer door handle. Hard. Don't ask, I have no idea how I managed it.

It's fun to watch Tom and Buddy play.


So, I wrote the above on Saturday afternoon, and then I was taken down by nausea and fever. Today was spent on the couch trying to get some nutrients in me and sleeping on and off. Hopefully I'm functional in the morning, we'll see how it goes.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I skipped my run this morning due to pain too but hope to get out and run tonight!

    1. I'm feeling way better today, thanks! I hope you made it out for your run! :)


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