Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some kiddo stories from the day

This morning I had three kiddos in the classroom and I was trying to get some cleaning done before they got too crazy. They were sitting in our library area looking at books. I had music on. They told me my music was too loud.

Three two year olds reading books told me my music was too loud.

One kiddo almost always wakes up first at nap time. He's pretty good at keeping quiet so his friends can sleep, and he's one of the only ones who can actually whisper instead of just stage whispering. We end up having some random conversations. His favorite question is "what is magic?"

Today's conversation was pretty cute:

Kiddo: Why do we have a ceiling?
Me: Because otherwise we would pretty much be outside. And what would we do if it rained?
Kiddo: I know what we would do if it rained. If it rained we would go to the toy store.
Me: Because they have a ceiling?
Kiddo: Yeah

I bribed the munchkins to nap today. Generally speaking, all things Frozen are not allowed in my classroom. I can't handle hearing "Let it go" anymore, and the kids know that they're not supposed to sing it all day long. So, today I told them that if they ALL napped, that we could listen to Frozen.

They all napped. It was beautiful.

Then we listened to "Let it go," which was less beautiful, but it made them happy.

My assistant is back from vacation tomorrow, so that means I shouldn't have to work over 10 hours again tomorrow. It's going to be amazing! :)

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