Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Run-day

Seriously, where does the weekend go?

I took my sweet time getting out the door this morning for my long run. I didn't hit the trails until 10:30. Luckily the weather was cooperative and the clouds kept it from getting too hot toward the end of my run.

My training plan called for 13 miles. Yeah, I have maybe once run that far when I wasn't running a race. I found some much flatter trails than my last long run and did a few loops several times. I didn't mind the repetition too much since I took the time to make a new running playlist on Saturday night.

And I remembered to charge my headphones, so that helped.

There was a mild energy gel mess around mile 7 when I was trying to get all the gel out of the bottom of the packet and got it all over my hands. And some on my face. Classy.

I ended up at 13.13 miles in 2:21:21. Yay repeating numbers!

Now I have to remember to bring extra snacks to work tomorrow so I'm not starving all day.

And here is my favorite Buddy napping picture from the weekend.

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