Thursday, September 4, 2014

A few mile repeats

It's been a while since I did any speedwork. Somehow my late days at work seem to coincide with my speedwork days (plus we were out of town last week). My race has been far enough out that I haven't worried too much about a missed run here and there, but now that it's getting closer am trying to stick to the plan a little closer.

Today was mile repeats. I didn't feel like I was going to die, but I was definitely ready to be done at the end.

It ended up looking like this: 1 mile warm up, 1@8:34, 800m jog, 1@8:34, 800m jog, 1@8:27, 1 mile cool down.

I ended up looking like this:

And Buddy took up his usual post at the bottom of the stairs.

He really doesn't like the basement.

I threw on a little Pirates of the Caribbean to distract me while I was running.

If you can have a theater screen by your treadmill, I highly recommend it. ;)

Do you like speedwork? What's your go-to speed workout?


  1. Wow, that is one large screen! I only have a tiny tv in my workout room. Maybe that's why i'm not very motivated...haha

    1. I know, I'm getting totally spoiled! Our next house better have room for the theater! :)

  2. Dang that is a nice screen! I don't have a favorite speed workout...I guess running 5k's are my favorite although I do have a love/hate relationship w/ 400 repeats.

    1. I like how I feel after I finish a good speed workout. I hate how I feel during them!


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