Monday, September 1, 2014

Even long weekends end

We had a really nice weekend at the lake house. The weather could have been a bit warmer, but we still had fun out on the boats. We did a little tubing and Tom did some scary/fun turns with the jet boat.

We also did a lot of reading down by the lake. I finally read Born to Run - I'm behind the times - and it really made me want to get out and run. And maybe try a few miles in my minimal shoes (New Balance Minimus - mine are older) again. And now I'm on a running book kick and just started reading Running like a Girl.

It was a long ride home (Tom drove), so my grand plans of doing laundry and getting a run in have so far turned into playing on my computer and watching Top Gun. We'll see if I can find some motivation when the movie is over.

The house is super quiet, Buddy is still at the vet and we can't pick him up until tomorrow. It's weird without him following us around everywhere and snoring loudly.

Tomorrow should be interesting at work, the kiddos are all starting in new classrooms. It will probably be chaos.


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