Thursday, September 25, 2014

Head Games

Sometimes I forget how much running helps my energy/mental state. I've been so tired when I get off work that I haven't run since Sunday. And the longer I go between runs, the more my mind messes with me. I get to the point where I'm convinced that I must be slower, and can't possibly run that far.

I didn't want to run today.

I made myself change anyway and headed for the basement to at least attempt my tempo run for the day.

And then, suddenly, I was 3 miles in and feeling more awake than I felt all day!

I did cut my cool down a little short, but otherwise my run went as planned. A warm up, 5 miles @ 9:14 (and a little faster), and a cool down. I feel so much better than when I started, mentally and physically.

I had a free giant coffee/sugar thing at work today. I maybe didn't need to drink it, and maybe should have eaten more real food.


Tom made a really good deep dish pizza in the cast iron pan for dinner. I didn't take any pictures though, because we were too busy devouring it.

I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday - we have some fun things happening this weekend (and not just extra sleep, though I am looking forward to that too!).

Buddy says goodnight

Or maybe that's his "please stop taking my picture"face, it's hard to tell ;)


  1. I love when runs perk you up like that, especially when you don't want to do them! The coffee looks amazing.

    1. The coffee was delicious, and very much needed to get through the day. I almost never regret a run, I just sometimes forget that fact! ;)

  2. Glad you got in a good run! That pizza sounds delish!

    1. I was really happy to get that run in, it definitely made my day better!


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