Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mean teacher, a tempo run, and some tasty food

There was a lot of screaming at work today. A lot. 

I even had to be the mean teacher and take Tiger away from a kiddo at nap time. They were playing instead of sleeping, which isn't really a choice - especially after all the screaming.

After work it was time for a little tempo run.

It looked like this: 1 mile warm up, 5 miles @ 9:14, 1 mile cool down. I finished my cool down with some strides. Nothing like running super fast on tired legs.

7 miles in 1:05:44 - not bad for an after work run.

The basement was very sweaty.

Buddy was there to help me stretch when I was finished.

He's so helpful.

Tom is so good to me and makes sure I eat things other than cereal and english muffins when all I'm doing is working and running. He made some delicious fish tacos for dinner.

And then I finished up my night with some limited edition deliciousness.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I'm ready to get some sleep this weekend. Of course, I never seem to actually sleep in anymore, but there's always hope!


  1. I love special flavor ice creams--so fun! That one looks tasty. I'm glad Tom is back to make sure you are eating healthy! Are you house hunting this weekend again?

    1. We might actually be going back for a second look at the final house from last weekend. We've both been thinking about it all week. I'll take more pictures this time if we go back! :)


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