Sunday, September 7, 2014

More house hunting

We went out looking at a few houses again today. I have been feeling like what we're looking for just isn't out there right now, but we finally had a couple with promise today.

House #1 looked cute from the outside, but was a mess inside. It had once been split into two apartments, so there was a second kitchen area in the upstairs. There were a lot of little things, like padding missing from under the carpeting, water damage, and generally just a weird layout.

House #2 was an old farm house that was really cute and had an old-school key for the front door. It felt really cramped, super low ceilings and a tiny kitchen that had a guest room off of it. There was also a "secret garden" according to the listing. We found a shady little area with some dead plants and a large key. People are weird.

House #3 has potential. It is in a really good location and has a really nice yard. The layout is a little weird and the loft area that they call the master bedroom is open to the living room downstairs. The living room is really nice though!

House #4 is another old farmhouse. Like, really old. It was built in 1790. I was expecting it to be a wreck, but it was in pretty good shape. It's on 34 acres of mostly trees, so we would definitely have plenty of property! Overall, I liked this one, though it's a little more in the middle of nowhere, so it would make Tom's commute to the city a little more complicated (and cell service was a little questionable).

It's weird to look at places and think about living in them, and what you would change. I always look at the neighborhoods and think about running around them, naturally. I also wonder if there are running groups nearby since most of the places we are looking at will be too far away for my current group.

How long have you lived at your house/apartment?


  1. The properties are so gorgeous in your area! It's definitely a big decision to make...take your time and you'll know when it's THE ONE! :)

    1. There are definitely some beautiful properties around where we've been looking. It's fun to see so many different houses!

  2. Yay, thanks for the house pictures this time! House #1 is gorgeous on the outside but no good if there are problems on the inside. It does take a while to find the perfect one!

    1. I was thinking of you when we were out - I knew you wanted pictures! :) I feel like we've looked at SO many houses!


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