Wednesday, September 17, 2014

(Not)Sneaky Dog

It has been a long week at work so far. We had picture day and back to school night this week, and all the excitement has made the kids a little squirrelly.

Because of back to school night, I was basically at work from 7am-7:25pm, so I missed my run yesterday. I hate missing runs this close to a race.

Today I managed to leave work at a reasonable hour and inhaled some some chips and hummus before heading to the basement for an easy 5 miles.

This is pretty much the only hummus we ever buy.

Buddy was not invited on the couch after dinner, so he tried to sneak up (as much as an 80lb dog can sneak).

He didn't quite make it, but he stayed that way until we kicked him off the couch.

I have been super tired all week because I'm apparently incapable of going to bed early. That, and I'm working crazy hours again. Maybe someday I'll get to bed on time. Or maybe I'll keep staying up too late and try to catch up on some sleep on the weekend.

Probably the second one.

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