Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Watermelon Peeps and some race pace running

The kiddos were surprisingly mellow switching classrooms today. We only had to explain a few times that we would not be going back to the other classroom. They were used to just visiting the new room for a few hours and didn't quite understand that the change was for real this time.

I keep seeing these sour watermelon mini Peeps at the store. I have so far managed to not buy any, but they had individually packaged ones today, so I couldn't help myself.

It was actually pretty tasty and it's probably good that I didn't buy a bigger package, because I would have eaten them all.

I didn't run at all over the weekend, so I did a couple of easy miles in my Minimus shoes yesterday. And then I realized that those shoes are about a half size too small.

Today was supposed to be 4 easy miles, but I felt like going faster. I am trying to do more runs at my goal pace. It's way faster in my mind and I have been psyching myself out when I think too much about. The more I run at pace (or faster), the easier it will be to maintain on race day.

At least, that's the theory.

The room switching at work has also led to an unfortunate schedule change - I'm back to starting at 7am, which means my alarm is set for 5:30. That's too early.

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  1. I have the exact same minimus shoes and they are my favorite shoe! I know they are trail shoes but I wear them for everything. They are just the right amount of cushion. I have the road version but they are zero drop and I like the 4mm drop better. And they do run small--mine are 1/2 size bigger than what I normally wear.


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