Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Tiny!

Today is Tiny's Birthday!

Happy birthday to my partner in crime - it's a lot harder to cause trouble when we live so far apart! I miss you - come see me!

Today was also the last day of Mom's visit - boo!

We had our first showing of the house - yay!

We got to relax for most of the morning and then did a quick clean/vacuum.

All four of us (Mom, Tom, Buddy and me) piled into my car and went for a walk around Rockefeller Preserve while strangers wandered around our house.

The guys are so cute.

Luckily the weather was much better today, so we had a nice walk.

Buddy was a little tired when we got home.

Then we had to take Mom to the airport. Did I mention - boo!

I have been pretty lazy since my race/while my mom was here. It was really nice. Tomorrow I'm back to my usual Saturday morning group run.

Since I don't have another race coming up and am training plan free (a place I don't really like to be), I'm going to work on my own plan. I may even work some cross-training in there somewhere. We'll see...


  1. I think a week off was just what you needed after the rigors of half marathon training! Your foliage is gorgeous. You definitely live in the best part of the country this time of year!

    1. I know, and people were complaining because they felt the leaves were prettier last year!


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