Thursday, October 30, 2014

I can't feel my face

The other day on a whim I signed up for Kara Goucher's Marathon Challenge on Strava. The idea is to run 26.2 miles between today (10/30) and Sunday (11/2) in honor of the NYC marathon this weekend.

Since I have no training plan right now, I figured I shouldn't turn down a chance for some extra motivation.

Then I was really disappointed to learn that treadmill miles don't count.

Then I was happy that the challenge made me go outside, because it was a beautiful day, and we probably don't have too many more of those in the near future.

I roamed the Rockefeller Preserve for 6.5 miles and tried not to die on the rocks that were hidden by leaves. A lot of my favorite trails are side trails that aren't maintained as well as the carriage trails (because the Rockefellers still have horse-drawn carriages that they try to run us peasants over with), so they were a little tricky. The leaves covered rocks and sticks and made things a bit slippery. They also made it feel like I was doing high-knees.

I tried to stick to the main trails after a while, high knees are exhausting.

Then I was off to deal with the dentist and get my floss-damaged tooth fixed. Fortunately, it was small enough that they just had to do a filling and not a crown. As an added bonus, the rest of my x-rays looked good. They did force me to make an appointment to go back for a cleaning though. I hear that's good for you.

This is what happened when I tried to smile when I got back to my car.

I still can't feel my face.


  1. We recently blogged about how leave covered trails can be dangerous! That path you are describing sounds lovely though. Where exactly is that?

    1. It's the Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pleasantville, NY


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