Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pile on the Miles, a new app, and the dangers of flossing

Before I forget, I wanted to make sure you knew about RunEatRepeat's Pile on the Miles challenge for November. It's all about being active and staying active during the holiday season. You can set any fitness goal you want for yourself (my goal is to run 80 miles in November), and you can win some cool prizes!

Check it out HERE

I was weirdly productive around the house today.

I finished a crazy-boring online defensive driving course. In NY you can get a discount on your insurance (for 3 years!) if you take the course.

While I was on hold for the dentist (story below), I dusted around the house and cleaned the coffee table. We're trying to keep the house mostly clean so we don't have to clean like mad when people set up appointments to come see it.

I actually did yoga again! I felt less like a robot and my muscles were already less shaky than they were on Sunday - success!

I'm trying out a new (to me) app. It's called 30 Days and it sets up fitness challenges for you. There are a bunch of different options - I'm doing the push-up challenge and the plank challenge.

It has you do a starting test to see how many or how long you can do a particular exercise and then builds your challenge off of that. It has rest days built in too. I'm only on day 3, but I like having a set plan and a way to keep myself accountable. Otherwise I just sit on the couch and think about how I should probably do a plank or something. :)

And now, I have a mildly gross tooth story for you, so if that's not your thing, go ahead and stop reading now.

Last night I was about halfway through flossing my teeth when the floss got stuck. I was using one of those floss pick things, so the only option was up and out (I realized this morning that I probably could have tried to cut the floss, but I didn't think about it at the time). A minute of tugging later, the floss was free...and so was a chip off my tooth.

It might have been a filling (I don't remember where they are), or maybe I crunched too hard on a popcorn kernel, but either way, there's a chip out of one of my molars. On the bright side, it doesn't hurt and it isn't sensitive (to hot/cold) at all.

Sooooo I'll be going to the dentist soon. Hopefully it isn't anything terribly painful and expensive. Fingers crossed!

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