Monday, November 17, 2014

A shoe swap saves the day

Do you ever feel really productive doing little everyday things? We have been letting the dishes pile up for a few days and I finally got around to washing them this morning. It never takes as long as I think it's going to, and now the kitchen is clean!

Sunday was mostly uneventful. We watched the Giants/49ers game, I wasn't sure who to root for since the Giants are Tom's team and the 49ers are my mom's favorite. It was a much closer game than we thought it was going to be.

I wasn't planning on running yesterday, but after the football game I started getting antsy, so I hit the basement and ended up having a really good run!

I even stretched after I was done. Weird, right?

Today's terribly exciting plans included running, and a trip to Target and the grocery store. We're living the glamorous life around here.

The first two miles of my run were kind of miserable. I just felt off, and my PureFlows were bothering me. After a quick shoe swap, I was feeling great and ended up running 6 miles. I don't know why my PureFlows were bothering me, they're usually one of my favorites!

I also tried out this Caramel Macchiato GU that I got when we were at REI the other day. I wish I had more, it was really tasty!

The guys are kind of hilarious.

Buddy is only happy in 65-70 degree weather. Anything warmer or colder and he's not happy. He was curled up tight last night so I covered him with his towel. He didn't move again until bedtime.

He's kind of a wuss. :)


  1. Replies
    1. He sometimes keeps his vest on after we come inside.

  2. Weird about the shoes, but glad you figured it out and were able to run farther! Buddy does need jammies. He would look so cute in something red/white striped for the holidays. ;)

    1. Yeah it was really odd, but I was glad it was the shoes and not just me! :) There were actually some red and white striped doggie shirts at target yesterday - we resisted.

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