Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Babysitting and more house adventures

I spent yesterday sittin' on some babies. It's such a different dynamic from teaching, even though it's the same kiddos.

There was a lot of art going on, and a lot of glitter.

It was a pretty good day overall, only a couple of meltdowns and I made a few bucks.

I planned on getting a run in this morning, but we got a call about someone coming to look at out house this afternoon, so we cleaned instead.

We drove up to the house we've been looking at and Tom wandered around with the home inspector while I measured (almost) everything in the kitchen. Ordering cabinets apparently takes forever, so if we go forward with the house, the measurements will help us get that process started sooner.

(This picture is from when we went to see it in September, it was cloudy and gloomy today)

I left early to get Buddy out of the way while people checked out our house, and then they cancelled. Hopefully they will reschedule. On the bright side, the house is super clean again.

Buddy sleeps in some of the weirdest positions.

I am planning on a slightly longer run tomorrow since I haven't run since Monday (technically I've only missed one run according to my schedule). My November goal is 80 miles, I'm just shy of 40 miles already, so I'm not too worked up about it.

Tom got creative with dinner tonight. We had leftover meatloaf topped with poached eggs, green beans, and roasted parsnips and carrots.

It was delicious.

Now to choose which ice cream I want tonight! :)


  1. Never heard of meatloaf topped with eggs. Is that an actual thing or did he just make it up? I guess all great chefs have their thing!

    I hope things go well with your house!

    1. I'm pretty sure he made the egg thing up! :) When I make things up in the kitchen it doesn't usually turn out so well.

      House stuff is crazy, especially with such an old house. We'll see how it goes!


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