Friday, November 21, 2014

Car things, running and shopping

I was up bright and early this morning to take my car down to get its inspection. New York has a yearly safety/emissions test that all cars have to pass. I also had a slow leak in one of my tires that I've been alternating between ignoring it and adding air when needed. Apparently there was a screw in it. Whatever.

Then they called to tell me my brakes were worn down to practically nothing. Since I kind of need those, they went ahead and fixed that.

I spent some quality time with the treadmill - 7 miles - and watched my usual Gilmore Girls. It's a habit.

And I tried out the root beer GU.

Not my favorite. Don't get me wrong, it pretty much tasted like root beer (though slightly off), it just seemed wrong for it not to be carbonated. Needs more bubbles!

Tom and I are going to a semi fancy dinner in a couple of weeks, and I had absolutely nothing to wear (because all I wear are running clothes or jeans), so some shopping was in order.

I was expecting to have to try a few stores, but I actually found a dress at the first place I stopped. Can I just say, there are a lot of really ugly clothes in stores right now. It can't just be me, right? There's some really strange trends happening.

I tried on 5 dresses, which ranged from "hahaha - no" to "the dress."

Some hahaha - no's for you:

I ended up getting this one in black. But I got it at TJ Maxx, so it was way cheaper. I don't have a picture of it yet, (because I was making a really weird face in the picture I took and deleted it) but eventually there will be pictures. My mom has already demanded photos of Tom and I all dressed up, so it's going to happen.

There have been a few unsuccessful attempts to find some dressy shoes the last few days. I got rid of most of mine during the great packing purge when I moved from Oregon to Alaska and everything had to fit in my car. I found these on Zappos.

Hopefully I got the right size, but even if I didn't, Zappos is so fast, I would still have plenty of time to get the right ones.

How often do you dress up?

- Once or twice a year, max.

Would you rather dress up or stick to casual?

- Casual! In fact, where are my pajamas?


  1. I need to get my car inspected by the end of the month and I have totally been forgetting about

    Thanks for reporting back on the rootbeer GU!

    Your dress looks fab, as do the shoes!

    1. I kept meaning to take my car in for weeks - it's a pain.

      Thanks! Hopefully the shoes work out, I'll find out when they get here Monday :)


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