Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good thing he's cute

I think winter is almost here you guys.

It was 30 degrees for my run with the group this morning. There were 4 hold-outs still in shorts, but the rest of us were properly bundled up. It's hard to get used to the cold again.

My new mittens worked out great on the run. My hands were actually too hot for the last half mile and I ended up carrying them!

My winter running gear is very colorful.

Buddy's new spot when we leave him alone - he makes a nest in the pillows. Brat.

Good thing he's cute.

I'm doing the best kind of babysitting tonight - the kids will be in bed when I get there. I'll be reading.

Any exciting plans this weekend?


  1. You win at winter! We were a rainy 47 degrees here, yesterday, in Alaska!

  2. You know I don't like winning at winter.

  3. Well if our current cold front is headed your way, you're going to feel a lot cooler air any time now! Brr!!! Why do we live in a temperate climate again?

    1. It's definitely cooler here today - a high of 32! It seems too soon, but we just realized that Thanksgiving is next week already!

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